Ways To Increase Blood Flow to The Brain

The brain in our body uses approximately three times as much oxygen as the muscles act. Oxygen plays an important role of proper function of our brain and healing of the brain as well. Our body, brain function depends on a healthy circulation of blood. Here are some different ways which you can use to increase the measure of oxygen- rich blood that circulate in your brain which are as follows-


If you will do exercise on a regular basis, then it will help to increase blood circulation in your brain easily. Health study shows that moderate exercise increase blood circulation to the brain in older women also very easily. Every person will require going to walk in every morning at least 30 to 50 minutes, for 3 to 5 days in a week.

Exercise will help to improve 15 percent higher blood flow in our brain. Health research shows that some connection between in our brain and body, which help to increase blood circulation fast in our brain. If you practice Aerobic exercise daily in your home, it will give up breathing harder, and also raising your heart rate as well. In Aerobatic physical exercise includes swimming, riding bicycles, and dancing. Choose one for yourself which you want to perform and which suits your lifestyle also.


It is not compulsory for doing lengthy exercise daily for increasing blood circulation in our brain. If you take short walks it will likewise serve to increase the blood circulation easily. If you go for a walk just for 5 to 10 minutes, it will also give you a better result for increasing blood circulation in our brain. You will need a timer to take along with you while walking; it will help you to remind a take some break for walking. If you are in the office, then take a break in your busy work schedule and go for a short walk. You will take a time for yourself to go to the walking. Using the stairs instead of the lift. Use a bicycle instead of vehicles.


It will benefit for your health, if you will practice yoga or meditation on each day. During meditation, slow down your heartbeat and breathing as easily. Deep breathing, even paced breathing will help to increase the oxygen flow in the blood in our brain. With the help of conscious breathing we can relax our shoulders, neck muscles and chest which may be interfering in blood circulation to the brain. Yoga or meditation gives positive health effects in our body.

Meditation helps to reduce a depression or stress level of every individual, which they can concentrate much better and boost their immune system also. There are various methods of meditation. One of a simple way to begin a meditation process is just sitting on a mat comfortably, close your eyes and count your breaths. When your 10 breathes counted, completed, and then start again. You will need to concentrate on your counting on breathes in the whole meditation process.